IoT Network
The Wireless Challenge IoT connectivity depends on a variety of wireless standards. For instance, a medical device may need to interface with WiFi, 4G, Bluetooth, and/or Zigbee. The device will need to work regardless of electromagnetic or physical interference while meeting the highest security standards. These considerations make life challenging for software developers. Connectivity and infrastructure must inform the design on applications. Software tests will need to pre-preemptively tackle questions such as “What happens to
agriculture robotics

How IoT Could Feed the World

Posted on May 4, 2019

AgriTech: IoT and the Future of Food Security Although spending is predicted to double on IoT ventures in the next four years, few companies are directing their attention to the agricultural applications of IoT. As the population of the earth exceeds our potential for food production, technology companies and farmers are looking for ways to collaborate. Their goal: To extract the highest quality and quantity of crops from the least amount of arable land. These