IoT Bee
“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, man would only have four years left to live” Albert Einstein Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is the term used to describe widespread hive collapse. CCD does not have a single cause – rather, it is a variety of human behaviours such as pesticide use (neonicotinoids) and habitat collapse coupled with diseases and parasites such as American Foul Brood and the Varroa mite which are spelling
Predicative Maintenance IoT
Predicative maintenance is a term which means taking action to prevent machine failure using real-time data. To understand the benefit of predicative maintenance, I’m starting off this short overview with a familiar example: Consumer Vehicles Car owners often rely on scheduled inspections and maintenance to keep their vehicles oiled, aligned, and calibrated. Inspection schedules are based on prior experience and a bit of guess-work. For example, most cars can drive between 5, 000 and 7,
ubeac IoT Devices
Whether you are interested in IoT as a hobbyist or a business owner, the first step to any project is having an idea which will add value to your life or business. Have a clear problem in mind before selecting IoT hardware and a platform. Think about the type of data you need to make informed decisions. You may want to monitor foot traffic and track lighting levels or temperatures in a retail environment. You
IoT platform ubeac
If you’re looking for an IoT platform that can connect to network devices and can provide a hosted infrastructure to cost effectively and securely manage and route data, there are ten important criteria you need to consider. Your IoT Platform should seamlessly connect remote sensors with devices and the platform with end-user applications. It should provide a central aggregation service to which all remote gateways and devices attach. It should have automated detection. Devices should
IoT Wearables
Wearable technology Smart watches and IoT devices with Bluetooth and GPS capabilities and health applications are gaining market momentum. According to health specialist Joao Bocas, wearables go beyond merely being present in a person’s life, they are the first step in the fusion of human and computer. Wearables such as heart rate and glucose monitors are increasingly designed for perennial use. And as technology becomes more efficient, smart devices become less cumbersome, less noticeable, and